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Rome art institutes, photography, design: the art takes shape "IED and The Institute Pantheon"  June 12, 2012 – 00:00
SCCA now offers evening Interactive Design classes | Seattle

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I should have written this article sponsored but since I was taken away by the advertising agency that did not believe in target for my blog and having already partially prepared, I thought I would write it also as it is a topic that I like to treat having a degree of competence and a daughter that after art school to address graph has decided to further her studies by attending courses in two different schools, one of graphics in a day school and private and one evening in a public school of photography. I must say that before choosing the current school "The Institute Pantheon of Rome" and the Institute of Cinematography in Rome Rossellini always, we looked at several sites and wandered a lot 'for the city at the end the choice fell on these two excellent schools. I find that the graphics and photography associated in a course of study can complement each other and marveled at the fact that there are currently address associated with schools, good for people like my daughter has the will to attend two parallel different schools but very similar in many ways. They have in common the image in the strict sense is examined reproduced from a photograph taken from a trained eye to be drawn or built PC. The institute Rossellini is the only state institution to address the Lazio audio-visual and although it is a bit 'chaotic in the daytime courses (attended by another of my children) offers good opportunities to children being equipped with excellent equipment and laboratories.

The article that I should have written was dedicated to FDI; those unfamiliar with the IED? among boys who are studying art or design advertising there is not one who does not know. Inside are held every year design courses, fashion, graphic design and photography to which many students arrive after participating in the annual Workshop presentation in which professionals illustrate the course and conduct of the courses. In my city, Rome, there are two locations one in San Giovanni area and one in the Testaccio area, but the IED is present throughout the country and internationally in Italy and has offices in Milan, Turin and Florence.

Other schools present in Rome with address graphic, design, fashion, photography and advertising are the Quasar, Rufa, el 'Academy of arts and new technologies.

The design is now deeply rooted in every sector, in terms of content, language, expressive and formal codes, technical and functional aspects. Furniture, design, fashion accessories, IT storage media, automotive, advertising, are only some of the fields where the value of design has increased sharply in recent years. L 'Interior Designer deals with the design in several areas: first and foremost is the domestic household area, private and collective living spaces, public spaces. Those who want to delve into the design at the university level can groped to access the courses in architecture and designers but unfortunately being limited and highly sought, not always possible to access it, the alternative are a number of private schools in certain costs that are not contained ( 4, 000 to 10, 000 Euros per year), on the other hand they give a good training. Most programs last three years or two years of those hanno valore riconosciuto dal MIUR come Diploma Accademico di I Livello, mentre quelli IEDs have value as recognized by the Ministry of Education Academic Diploma Level I, while those di grafica e multimedia e architettura , ma sono presenti numerosi altri corsi, riconosciuti dalla regione che prevedono un esame alla fine di ogni anno accademico. Pantheon Institute of graphics and multimedia, and architecture, but there are many other courses recognized by the region that provide for an examination at the end of each academic year.

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