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The school presents the conference program 2011-2012, which begins with Fashion, Graphic Design and Art  August 29, 2013 – 00:01

In Florence, from November 14, begins the cycle of conferences on topical issues of culture and art. The school, the world of work and the professions in Italy and around the world will be the first issues addressed.


For students of graphic and interior and product design:
Monday, 14 November - 15.00 hrs

The prof. Romeo Guaricci presents his latest volume: Project Methodology of Graphic Design (Hoepli, Milan 2010).
The author has established since 1972 in the field of graphic and industrial design working with major Italian and foreign companies.
In 2001 he published the book The Way Editorial: "Romeo Guaricci Visual Designer". He has held internships in graphic design in New York for the students of St. John's University. Gift Award at Macef in Milan. Exhibitions in New York, Edinburgh, Luxembourg, Belfast and Termoli.
Since 2006 he teaches Visual and Graphic Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the University "La Sapienza" in Rome.

For students of fashion:
Tuesday, 15 November - 15.00 hrs

Luisa Panconesi. Head of the homonymous Boutique "Luisa Via Roma" in Florence, will present a lecture entitled "FIRENZE4EVER", where we will discover the virtual platform that promotes and encourages the new collaboration between renowned fashion designer labels (such as Dolce & Gabbana, DSquared, Balamin , Lanvin, Rick Owens ...) and the Fashion Bloggers.
This event takes place immediately before the start of Pitti Immagine and International fashion weeks.

For students of fashion and design:
Wednesday, 16 November - 15.00 hrs

Simone Cosac, creator of fragrances, perfumes and the world of his: a language that needs no words.
Brazilian origin, but Italian by adoption, Simone has always recognized the scent as an end and cross emotional vehicle. One of her perfume line is inspired by the famous Venetian noblewoman, Bianca Cappello, controversial female figure, lover and wife of Francesco I de 'Medici ("Perle di Bianca") and another line ("Atelier") is inspired by the medieval alchemical tradition and the home of Bianca Cappello, Villa La Tana, beautiful Medici residence on the hills of Florence.
Will present the lecture - which will also give great attention to the marketing of the brand and not just the emotional aspect of fragrances - responsible for the Florence by Simone Cosac Perfumes, while the owner is currently in New York.

For students of interior and product design and photography courses:
Thursday, 17 November - 15.00 hrs

Olivia Toscani Rucellai, owner of the Gallery of Art and Design "Eight place of art" in Via Maggio in Florence, and his art director, Mauro Lovi, just returned from the International Fair of Design "Qubique" in Berlin (26-29 October 2011 Qubique: Next Generation Tradeshow - Furniture / Design) present their recent exhibitions: Megalopolis (including Philippe Daverio drafted the presentation: the design made ​​art) and Oh! Nirica (When dreams meet the material: objects to dream and to sleep).
Mauro Lovi, an artist and architect, has worked among others with Sottsass and Paladino. This very special gallery has recently been indicated by the Mayor Matteo Renzi as "An eight very Florentine" (October 2011).
At the end of the lecture the students will visit the exhibition "Oh! Nirica" ​​together with the speakers.


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