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CV designer tips and tricks  August 29, 2013 – 00:01

At the risk of preachy, here is my humble advice on the eternal question of CV ... and other letters. I'll start with a number (and thus establish my legitimacy on the issue):

The number of applications and internships that we received in 2010, between 10 and 20 per day! Knowing that is 5 Graphéine, if you were rich and generous could hire 1, 000 people each! Unfortunately, this is not the case, and simply and automatically respond negatively to 99.997% of them. However, even if the response is automatic, at least we meet ... (it does not seem to be the case for everyone ...)

Therefore, how to get noticed among 5372 CV!

A non-exhaustive list of small councils and other mistakes to avoid:

1 - Avoid sending your CV to the first 20 companies found on Google. You can be sure they will like us, totally submerged CV. Suffice to say it is a waste of time for you and for them. Where to look? If it is ... knew I should have sold out a book on Amazon! Just ..., do not get where everyone is looking for!

2 - Your Email. Avoid using email or the kind. Also, be careful to advertising signatures (How many times have I thought it was graphic Post among its references! see example ).

3 - Copies Hidden: I would say 'yellow card' to that group mail and made ​​a "red card" if the recipients are not hidden.

4 - Finding the right contact and write to him individually: good site on any self-respecting, there is usually an email to the candidates. Interest No. 1 of this email is to channel all job applications in one place (useful for automatic replies ...). Knowing this, we have the right to want to not be like everyone else ... but if done creatively! For example, a few years ago, a student looking for an internship noticed he had the same surname as one of us. We had therefore sent a letter filled with confetti to celebrate! More you will involve your recipient (without the fayot!), There will be more chances for you ... not necessarily respond positively, but it's something.

5 - The subject of your message is the first contact. Knowing that 99% of the objects will look like "Application designer" or "Unsolicited application webdesigner" ... Maybe there way to make more original? (Without writing a novel, as in the example given, "Young graphic designer graduated from the Higher School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, research collaborations and freelance work").


Теплоизоляция фасадов - утепление кровли утепление крыши.

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