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Valeriya Savchenko, Graphic Design, has sent us his interview and is interested in Living and Working in Miami  August 11, 2012 – 00:00

ago 2012 August 11, 2012

Valeriya Savchenko, Graphic Design, has sent us his interview and is interested in Living and Working in Miami

Valeriya Savchenko <strong><a href=Graphic Designer" width="135" height="180"> Valeriya Savchenko sent us his interview to get to know and make known to our readers his intention to move to Miami for a new work experience and life. Valeriya has completed his university studies in industrial design and has significant experience as a Graphic Designer, where he had the opportunity to use his creativity to interpret and implement ideas with designs and colors. Their creativity and talent of Valeriya brought her to want to broaden their interests, and decided that this is the right time for an adventure groped in a city just as creative and full of inspirations like Miami.

All interested persons to send their interview to broaden its network and be heard in Miami can contact us. We give support to all the people and we provide our network of law firms that specialize in the application of the work visa, real estate brokers looking for the apartment, English language schools to learn the language, experts and moved to Miami.

In addition, we want to invite Italians Miami interested in the work and artistic experience of Valeriya Savchenko to get in touch directly with Valeriya writing to his e-mail which can be found below or by contacting the customer service of Living Working Miami to info @ .

Information and professional experience:
Name: Valeriya
Surname: Savchenko
Facebook: Valeria Savchenko

Job title: Freelance
Occupational field: Graphic Designer
Years of experience in the current industry 2 years
Previous Position: International Sales Manager
Education: Degree in Industrial Design
Specialization: Graphic design
Languages ​​spoken: Russian (mother tongue), Italian (fluent), English (good)
Countries where you have lived abroad: Russia (Moscow), England (London)

The interview Valeriya Savchenko Working with Living Miami

About what you're really good, that sets you apart from others?
Valeria: I distinguish in my work in color but in the interpretation and implementation of an idea. I'm curious of everything that surrounds me and I'm learning fast.

Tell us briefly about your work or your studies
Valeria: I attended for 3 years, the Moscow State Textile University, which was a great experience for the creation of various designs and graphics for fabrics interior. Then I moved to Italy and I graduated in Industrial Design at the University of the Republic of San Marino. I lived for a while 'to Milan, where I did an internship at the studio "FRAGILE" and some freelance collaboration. Over 2 years and work mainly as a freelancer, using my free time to attend design courses and workshops, especially outside Italy. The last course I attended was at the University of Saint Martins in London, focusing on various types of printing, drawings and graphic techniques.


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