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Aspiring to learn internet marketing, blogs, marketing, marketing racquet, but suffer from lack of time, or learning difficulties, and now "non-tribal design" team, but also acts as a trustee. Us to help or assist you to build your own Internet Business.

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[All courses need to prepare your computer, provided by the classroom.

快樂電腦初學者班 從基礎起步,不用擔心不會打字,無負擔輕鬆學習。 A. Happy computer beginners classes start from the basics, do not worry about not typing, without the burden of easy to learn.

部落格行銷班 由基本操作,至進階發文修圖技巧,完整行銷教學。 B. Blogs marketing classes from the basic operations to advanced Posting retouching techniques, complete marketing teaching.

網拍課程創業班 基本操作、詳細講解網拍所遇上的各種問題解決。 C. racquet entrepreneurial class curriculum basic operations are explained in detail racquet encounter various problems solved.

遠距離線上教學班 不限時間、距離,輕鬆上課。 D. remote online classes limited time, distance, easy class.

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Cost of the study

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快樂電腦初學者班 Happy computer beginners class A.

32 小時 3000 元 Hours 32 hours 3, 000 yuan

Online Web registration

部落格行銷班 B. Blog Marketing Course

24 小時 3600 元 Hours 24 hours 3, 600 yuan

Online Web registration

網拍課程創業班 C. racquet entrepreneurial class curriculum

24 小時 3600 元 Hours 24 hours 3, 600 yuan

Online Web registration

遠距離線上教學班 D. distance teaching classes online

Determined by the course content

Online Web registration

Timetable: two echelon cross time classes, please call for the latest information on commencement.

3F / 安南區長溪路二段 563 號 Venue: Tainan Annan Chief header Activity Center 3F / River Annan District, No. 563, Sec. / 瀛海中學往北走,約 3 分鐘於左手邊可見興安宮。 Larix parametrial / Yonhap high school north, about 3 minutes on the left hand side visible Larix Palace.

0973-000-728或0918-293-294 ( 鹿老師 ) 於早 8 點到晚 10 點間來電詢問報名。 Registration Hotline: 0973-000-728 or 0918-293-294 (deer teacher) at 8:00 am to 10 pm between caller asked for registration.


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