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Cacoo free online Chinese painting flowchart software, a variety of real-time collaborative design planning sketch  August 29, 2013 – 00:00

cacoo-01 "Cacoo" is a free online Chinese version of "Drawing Diagrams" service that allows users to draw flowcharts, diagrams, blueprints, such as corporate workflow, office plans, mind maps , planning presentation , network layout planning, website and iPhone , Android interface wireframes, etc., as long as the combination through a simple drag and drop, you can very quickly complete an illustration. More value is, Cacoo free account provides can save 25 private chart, while 15 people on-line real-time collaborative editing functions.cacoo-04

I am not a professional graphics worker (refer to drawing above sketch), but work still occasionally encounter the need to draw the graphic planning time, then its hard to get used to Word, PowerPoint or small artist himself out slowly, as the use of these professional tools like Cacoo free version of the most simple operation and built-in gallery quickly sketch design.

And I have a few simple comparison online diagramming service, when I noticed that provides free account Cacoo best value, for example gliffy other services may limit free accounts can only store "open graph, " but let free users up Cacoo Save 25 private cartography, but also let 15 people simultaneously online collaboration.cacoo-07

  • 01 Generally people can get started straightforward Cacoo

Cacoo free account in addition to the previously mentioned its great value, there is another one makes me appreciative of the advantages that flow out of this software Cacoo professional impression, the entire service is designed to make users feel relatively "very cordial . "

Like I usually do not have professional training, but sought to hold a Buddha's feet, draw a little bit like a sketch, Cacoo it provides a good understanding for me, easy to operate, rapid completion of service.cacoo-09

But also the Chinese interfaces.

  • 02. Language is set to Traditional Chinese

If you register and login after Cacoo not automatically switch to the Chinese can also go to the top of the Settings page, set "language" to switch to the language they want to.

Cacoo graphics editing interface is divided into several large blocks, the first column to the top of the general editor, where you can restore your previous actions (can be restored to the dozens of times before), very handy.

Seattle also has copy and paste, insert text lines, freehand line, upload drawings and so on, upload graphic limit to 500KB or less, as long as RIOT software first shrink a map, basically not a big problem.

  • 04. Storage and export to PNG

In Cacoo draw good chart, you can use the top right of [Save] function, into his Cacoo online account, as I mentioned earlier, the free account you can save 25 charts (for non-professional users who must enough, not enough time to remove the old).

Alternatively, you can export the chart Cacoo download free account "only supports" exported as PNG files, but it is definitely enough.

  • 05. Hauled combination unit gallery

Next to enter the main part of charting, Cacoo and other flowchart software, like, have provided a very rich library material, so basically we do not really own painting, just straight out of the material, combine them together, very fast, one seems to have a kind of mold graphic design, process planning, web draft, network layout, the program interface came out Hello!

Such a drag operation, in addition to make diagrams more professional and easier to understand others, the fact must be better than you use Word, PowerPoint, and other small painter painted himself to be the wrong tool for faster.

cacoo-02 cacoo-06 cacoo-10 cacoo-11


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