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How to create 3D drawings  August 29, 2013 – 00:01

The 3D graphics are your passion,you've already begun to take its first steps in this magical world,but now you've decided to take action.You need a software that allows you to train,become more and more skilled and learn new things,but you're not going to spend astronomical sums to get it.What to do?Well,please contact Blender.

Blender is a fantastic program for drawing in 3D for free that really has nothing to envy to the expensive commercial counterparts.You can use it to create 3D models,edit,render and perform even create video games. Here's where to find it and how to learn to use it easily.


First,connected to the Internet site of Blender and click on the item Blender 2.49b Installer (10.5 MB) which is located on the left to download the program on your PC.When the download is complete open,double clicking on it,the file you just downloaded (blender-2.49b-windows.exe) and in the window that opens,click on the Next button.

Therefore accepts the terms of use of the program by clicking on the I Agree button,and click Next on the first three times and then on OK and Finish to complete the installation process and start Blender.If you are asked to install the Python software,linked to this page ,click on Python 2.7.1 Windows Installer to download the program on your PC and start the file python-2.7.1.msi to install Python on your computer (right click Always Next on).

Now that you have installed your new software for drawing in 3D for free, you just have to start to familiarize yourself with the controls.To do this,you should read the manual for Blender in Italian Kino3D downloaded from the website,by clicking here .400 pages are really very helpful with all the descriptions of the commands in both English and Italian.

Alternatively,you can go to Google and search for Blender guides in Italian or connect to YouTube and view the many video tutorials for the program loaded from more experienced users.

The main interface of Blender is divided into three main parts: the ribbon menu at the top,the center screen where you can create and edit your own three-dimensional models and the panel placed at the bottom with all the tools to create and modify elements in three dimensions.

To save and open your projects with this free program to draw in 3D, you have to do that rivolgerti to the File menu and use the items Save As (to save) and Open (to open).The rest,after studying a little 'you will be incredibly clear and will be extremely easy to use. Just a little 'training.

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