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Add to lesson plan The introductory card tells how, from the beginning of the twentieth century, the century of communication, graphic design has found its true foundation specification: appearance of the national schools of graphic and precise professional specificity.
รจ il primo a fornire a grandi aziende, come la Olivetti, non solo una consulenza grafica, ma la progettazione di un prodotto comunicativo finito. In 1933 the Studio Boggeri is the first to provide large companies, such as Olivetti, not just a graphic consultancy, but the design of a communicative finished product. , Bruno Munari , Max Huber , Bob Noorda , Albe Steiner. In this study, pass the greatest professionals in the industry, such as Marcello Nizzoli, Bruno Munari, Max Huber, Bob Noorda, Albe Steiner.
pubblica, si sviluppano nuovi progetti di segnaletica: nel 1964 lo Studio Unimark di Bob Noorda , in collaborazione con lo Studio Albini-Helg , cura la grafica della Metropolitana Milanese, quindi segue il progetto grafico per la metropolitana di New York e quella di San Paolo. Later, in the years of the development of major transport infrastructure of public customers, develop new projects of signs: in 1964 the Studio Unimark Bob Noorda, in collaboration with Studio Albini-Helg, care of the graphics Metropolitana Milanese, then follows the graphic design for the New York metropolitan area and that of St. Paul. The eighties saw the `enormous development of advertising communication.
In the studio, Hugh Gregory hosts John Lussier, a university professor, points out that the international prestige of Italian graphic design, especially that of the sixties and seventies.
The specificity of Italian graphic design was born before the war, by rationalist architects, who use it also for propaganda for a certain kind of fascist culture.
The graphics tied to `political commitment is still a characteristic Italian: remember Albe Steiner, founder Elio Vittorini with the magazine" Il Politecnico ", frowned upon by Togliatti because it carried forward more radical ideas than PCI In testimony, Gino Valle, architect and designer, tells the story of `expedient of graphics used to make the famous alphanumeric panels in rotation inside the airports. L `unit ends with a tab on video graphics used by MTV.


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