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Download MAGIX Xtreme Photo & Graphic Designer (Free)  August 29, 2013 – 00:00

MAGIX Xtreme Photo & Graphic Designer 5: like the pros! Simplicity above all!

Intuitive interface, simple menus and task wizards that will "really help". This software is very easy to use

A solution of the "all in one" at your disposal: photo editing, creative effects, editing in 3D, graphics, word processing and page layout (electronic edition), etc..

Choices for your creation, give wings to your imagination!

  • in an intuitive way, you ride your photos and graphics in their creations
  • in the traditional way, go through the levels
  • Detailed editing image
  • Intelligent resizing
  • Possibility of making caricatures from your photos

: News:

  • Function fast cutting multiple photos
  • Possibility of creating background images
  • Intelligent resizing
  • Removing objects that hinder your photos
  • Possibility of creating 3D

MAGIX Xtreme Photo & Graphic Designer 5: an engine super fast

It uses very few resources of your system and is a stable program, with guaranteed maximum picture quality! The printing results are perfect.

MAGIX Xtreme Photo & Graphic Designer 5: incredible performance!

You can see the effects instantly without peder time loading!
RAW format can be supported by more than 280 camera models.
You can store your original photos forever whatever changes made.


  • PC with Intel ® Pentium ® or AMD ® Athlon ® from 700 MHz
  • 256 Mb of RAM
  • 150 Mb of memory space available (at least) on the hard drive for program files
  • SVGA graphics card with 32 Mb of RAM, minimum (min 1024x600 resolution., 16-bit High Colour)
  • 16-bit sound card
  • The online services integrated MAGIX require an Internet connection and Microsoft ® Internet Explorer (TM) from version 6.0.

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Updated on 30/05/2013

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