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The Graduate School of Modern Arts (Esam Esam design or Paris) is a higher education in applied arts school founded in 1949 in Paris, whose teachings are devoted to visual communication / graphic design and interior design - environment design. The school offers a first-year core curriculum, the preparatory year, offering a contest preparation major art schools (national schools of architecture ENSAD , ENSBA ...) and skills to continue his studies in the two sectors of the institution.

Esam The design is a private institution that prepares five years for jobs in graphic design and interior design.

The school is located in Paris's 17th arrondissement.

All teachers at the school are professional: architect , interior designer , art director , designer , illustrators, printers etc.. They instill rigor and passion required by their job to get students to express their personality strengths.

The objective of the Esam design is primarily to prepare students to enter the world of work through openness, curiosity and a critical requirement for these professions.

The reputation of the school was confirmed by its presence in the last History of art schools established by the monthly The Student in February 2010.

[ modifier | modifier le wikicode ] Preparatory Workshop [ change | change wikicode ]

Preparation for entrance exams of the major art schools ( ENSAD , ENSBA , national schools of architecture ...) and graduate of the school.

  • Registration from the bachelor.
  • Admission: presentation of a portfolio of personal work during an interview.
  • Study duration: 1 year.
  • Subjects taught: Introduction to volume, Drawing Academy, Analytical Drawing, Introduction to space, Introduction to graphics, color Introduction to Computer Graphics Personal Search, Talking, say, write, Art History, English.

[ modifier | modifier le wikicode ] Graduate: Graphic Design [ change | change wikicode ]

The graphic design division prepares you for careers in the creation and control of images.

  • Joined: 1 + year of preparation tray or tray STD 2 A (formerly STI Applied Arts)
  • Admission upon presentation of the book and the professional project.
  • Duration of studies: 4 years.
  • Subjects taught: Illustration, Photography, Video, Multimedia, Corporate Identity, Typography, Layout, Edit, Rough Animatic, Design Editor, History of graphic design, Project Management, Marketing, English.

Source: fr.wikipedia.org

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