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Valve Pipeline, young designers grow - Valve Software  July 14, 2013 – 00:00
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In a video posted on his Facebook page , Valve Software has announced the launch of a new project called Pipeline. This is not a game but a community open to all those young students who wish to enter the world of video game programming.

Pipeline is a portal created by some young designers and developers working for Valve Software, and aims to bring together all the brightest teenagers from all over the world, creating a connection between all the teenagers who aspire to become a reference point in the game industry.

A move upstream to Valve, historically software house reserved for experienced programmers and not too open to the training of young designers, which, however, is meant to represent an experiment: the attempt is to train talented guys and turn them into prestigious developers, graphic designers, sound engineers , video editors, and whatever else is inherent in the processing of a game.

The first fruits of this synergy are tangible in the video, made internally by the team Valve Pipeline, which can be seen below. Enjoy!


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