Game fishing

 August 10, 2017 – 08:27 pm

Fishing is a great game, for fun pastime, which is suitable for children of all ages. Such toys for boysWholesale and toys for girls wholesale , as fishing will be fun for the whole family, because it will be interesting to play not only children, but also adults.

Fishing is usually completed with 2 fishing rods, so your baby can play with you. But the most important thing is that this game, in addition to its playing qualities, has also developing ones. During fishing, the child will develop mindfulness, fine motor skills, assiduity and many more.

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Sarah Leavitt uses it. In her first graphic novel The big mess (Original Title: Tangles), she tells of Alzheimer's disease, her mother and how her family deals with it. Above all, it portrays this family.still a wise mother-daughter story After only a few pages long before the first signs of the disease occur, you have the feeling to know them, or at least yet to know what makes them tick. A fallacy of course. We know how Sarah Leavitt thinks that they tick. And it's hard to escape the love with which she portrays the members of their family, even when she describes her weaknesses.a favorite

Click to enlarge; rights Teri Snelgrove (Author photo) + Pop Culture Shock

Leavitt's drawings are not polished like the one Craig Thompson or a typical Marvel Comics, they are rather the underground comics of the 70's close: spidery black and white appearance, occasional paper cut, the panels are arranged purely functional and not at all in the service a side aesthetics, for example, how to know it from manga, and the characters are little more than stick figures. Above all, they have stick figure faces: two dots for eyes, four strokes for eyebrows, nose and mouth. But with these four strokes covers Sarah Leavitt from the whole range of human emotions without ever striking. I did not realize that this is possible.

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