History of notebooks

 August 10, 2017 – 08:26 pm
Online store stationery Color-it is glad to welcome you on its website. We all know such stationery wholesale , as a notebook, but few people know when and how the first predecessors of notebooks appeared. This is exactly what our article will be about. Now you can buy notebooks in bulk at every store. Without them, not a single student and student, even adults often need notebooks for records. The word "Notebook" went from the ancient Greek language. The word notebook is translated as the fourth part of the full sheet. In the seventh century BC, residents of European countries used the place of a notebook of plaques made of wood and covered with wax. Wrote on them with a sharp wand. Since the back of this wand was blunt, it was easy for her to erase everything written. The boards were connected in four pieces and a kind of notebook appeared. It was then that the first notebooks appeared, just from wood, as the paper appeared much later. Before the boards, sheets of lead, plates of bones and much more were on the move.

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