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Giancarlo Salvador - Italy | LinkedIn  August 29, 2013 – 00:00
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I'm a freelance Art Director / Graphic Designer.
Just a short time ago, I returned to Italy after spending two years in the United States, where I worked for two design companies, the first in Manhattan, New York and the other in Edgewater, New Jersey. Preceding my time in New York, I spent eight years working for two prestigious advertising agencies in Padua, Italy. Through These experiences, I have cultivated a comprehensive background in both American and Italian design, an essential combination for contemporary visual communication.

I'm an Art Director / Graphic Designer freelance or independent. Recently I came back to Italy after 2 years' experience in the United States, where I worked for two design agencies, one of Manhattan (New York City) and Edgewater (New Jersey). This valuable experience has been added to the previous eight years of work carried out in two prestigious agencies of Padua. All this has enriched me to the point of giving me a background complete with the right mix of Italian and Anglo-Saxon style, which I find essential for visual communication today. In fact I'm still working with Chow Hello, the division of food DDNewYork which handles the communication to numerous clubs of Manhattan.

Specializations art-direction in graphic design, brand identity, logotype design, presentation design, editorial design, web-design, packaging design.


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