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Eduardo Cuducos ┬╗Culture in process  August 29, 2013 – 00:09
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After a short period working as a designer, Eduardo Cuducos realized that liked to study how people deal with "things", and not to create these "things". Soon, he began to delve into the social sciences, especially sociology, but with flirtations with anthropology and history. Cuducos master's degree in sociology (with CAPES) and the degree in graphic design (with a scholarship from CNPq), both titles conferred by the Federal University of Santa Catarina. Today sociological research studies at the University of Essex (UK). It is also associate researcher at the Center for Sociological Studies Markets (NUSMER) and joined the team Insitum between 2020 and 2012, acting as a leader of research projects focused on innovation. Learn more about Cuducos .

Some texts and presentations in Portuguese:


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