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University of Macau - Centre for Continuing Education  August 29, 2013 – 00:00
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About the Centre for Continuing Education

Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Macau University has been established when the founding, we will, as always, continue to provide a wide range of higher education services in order to respond positively to adult individuals, groups and business community needs.

Our range of services includes courses open to the outside world, employees internal training courses jointly with the government in civil service training, and professional organizations in organizing training courses membership, jointly with Chinese institutions of higher learning certificate and diploma courses and Chinese provinces cadre assessment training. Besides, the Centre also provides consultancy services to the industry, and actively participate in international exchange activities held, seminars, lectures, educational activities and engage in further education, research.

We hope that through our service, provide multiple ways and ample opportunity to enhance adult learning intelligence. In the Centre for Continuing Education, the student's learning and behavior are respected. In the curriculum, we emphasize adult students vocational skills and knowledge-based, and in the curriculum, we mainly choose classes at night and on weekends and do not affect students' work-based.

As Macau highest institution of adult education institutions, the Centre will continue to strive to further improve the quality of the course and expand service areas, to provide services for more people. In order to achieve the goal area, the center will be co-organized and well-known courses. For example, co-organized with the Hong Kong Institute of Design in advertising and graphic design certificate course, the Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Continuing Studies jointly organized distance courses jointly with the University of London's financial management master's program so widely praised. We will further strengthen international, regional, government departments, professional bodies and outstanding enterprises cooperation, carry out the professional training activities, training courses, efforts to promote lifelong learning, social services.

We have a lot of aspiring students with learning opportunities. Whether you are adult students, corporate training executives, leaders of professional associations or public bodies responsible person, we have sincerity for your personal achievement, vocational training, departmental success and even business success, to play a role.

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