Household goods store Color

 August 10, 2017 – 02:31 pm
Hangers Household goods store Color - it is glad to welcome new and old customers on our website. We can find not only the goods for the kitchen , which are so necessary for every hostess, but also household goods in bulk , without which it is now difficult to imagine their life. In this article, we will further acquaint ourselves with the history and evolution of the hangers. Hangers were bought under clothes. The more expensive she was, the better and there should have been a hanger. The name of the hanger appeared in 1900 from the French term "cintre" - the so-called device for which it was then possible to hang clothes. This term was used only in conversation, but at the end of the nineteenth century, all the same, it was fully rooted in the vocabulary of the French, and then throughout the world.

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