The theme we have in mind

 August 10, 2017 – 08:55 pm



Profile Group

The Profile Group is a premium Selection and Recruitment company That has-been helping candidates in Their job search for the last 22 years. Working with a wide variety of companies, We provide candidates with a high quality services that helps Both in the implementation process and Improving the various skills required to succeed in interviews.

In view to Continually Strengthen our Research & Marketing team, our customer, located in the center of Brussels, is looking to recruit a Graphic Designer.

Should be somewhat banana shaped island with our avatars / mascots talking in chat bubbles, showcasing our service. This will be the first people see When They open our app for the first team aswell and at our website.

A perfect example is the theme style of the Dreamworks movie Madagascar.

The avatars, we need 10 avatars, males, females and unisex characters and They have to be inspired by animals and tropical fruits such as pineapple, coconut, bananas, monkeys, elephants and so on, Following our theme description below.

The theme we have in mind is somewhat cartoony / warm and fuzzy in a tropical environment with a fun touch.

If you need more details, please get back to us.

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