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Editorial: | April 17, 2013

The Ibero-American Biennial of Design (BID), an exhibition which takes place every two years in Madrid (Spain), organized by DIMAD - Designers Association of Madrid and the Fundación Madrid Diseño, have representative sample of its three editions (2008, 2010 and 2012) from April 16 in the Brazilian House Museum, an institution of the State Secretariat of Culture. Curated by Giovanni Vannucchi and Ruth Klotzel the IDB in Brazil displays a selection of pieces presented in the Spanish capital, with 23 participating countries.

The show, titled BID 8 | 10 | 12, is a realization of the MCB and Doble Culture + Social sponsored by Deca. Aims to bring the Brazilian public an overview of the recent evolution of design in the region, which put on the international map of contemporary production new capital and São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Bogota. The exhibition will present the MCB 159 representative works of the major categories of design produced in recent years, with emphasis on the participation of Brazil in the 2012 edition. Will display 50 pieces, 12 works and 96 digital panels between graphic design, product, fashion, textile and interior design.

"The design of emerging market countries enters into evidence because of the close relationship between design and the economy today, " says the creator of the IDB, the designer Manuel Estrada, who is in Brazil for the opening of the exhibition and to join the table discussions on April 17th (more information below). For the technical director of the MCB, the architect Giancarlo Latorraca, who participated as a judge of the IDB in 2012, the strength of the work is in rescue techniques and traditions associated with the use of new technologies that enable creative solutions, and to promote awareness of the cultures original. "The scenario outlined in the BID 8 | 10 | 12 contributes to the new challenges of global design in that it reveals productions aware of their local implementation, feasible by the availability of rescue techniques and local materials, approaching the production of economic reality."

"Hopefully, with this exhibition address the Ibero American design that plays a major role in the contemporary world, recognizing the wealth differences and affinities of their various cultures and seeking alternatives to the known paths of development. We can not go on repeating formulas known values ​​without considering the reality that puts us, and seeking practices for a healthier world, plural and fair, "conclude the curators Ruth Klotzel and Giovanni Vannucchi.


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