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Apple is one of the largest electronics and software in the world, was founded in 1976 as students its founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. It all started with the Apple I, Wozniak created by in his spare time. The friends decided to try to sell the project to the companies HP and Atari, though both denied it, saying that personal computers would have no future in the market. View the disbelief of large companies in their work, the duo decided to produce computers with their own resources and its own account. The Apple I was not as successful, were sold about 200 units, $ 666 each. Currently the Apple I's collection piece, and worth about 50 thousand dollars.

The profits from these sales supported Apple for another year, and allowed the development of more powerful machines. The next to be launched was the Apple II, which was very successful. Unlike other computers, the Apple II bore the BASIC (programming software for the season) in the memory itself, which totaled 16 KB. Space Available (4 KB for Basic, and the rest for program data).

While still in the line of Apple II, the company began working on the GUI, which had been previously developed by Xerox. At the time, Microsoft was working for Apple, and Bill Gates got copies of Lisa (first computer with GUI to be launched in the market). Shortly before the release of the Lisa, Bill Gates introduced Windows, using the same interface as Lisa, but with some modified functions.

The Lisa did not much success, getting to leave Apple in red. However formed the basis for the Macintosh, which made much more successful. The Operating System it, MacOS, was the best of times, using much less memory.

Apple started manufacturing other electronics from then, like the iPhone, iPad , iPod, and other devices. The Apple operating system, the Mac does not run on other computers ("PC platform"), only in Apple. Some older versions run by using some tricks, but the overall system performance is achieved only with an Apple computer.

Apple computers are very good for graphic designer, and great to run programs like Photoshop and Dreamweaver. These computers are widely used in courses such as engineering, industrial engineering, fashion, and other programs that need this size. A major problem for those who want to acquire a MAC is the compatibility of some programs that only run on Windows.

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