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Cooper Union College Cooper Union is one of New York City in the United States east coast small private schools,all students about the scale of more than 900,was established in 1859,the school only three colleges,namely,Architecture,Art and Engineering,providing bachelor's and master's degree.Translate this school in Hong Kong often called "cake package" very interesting,but do not know its cause.Wikipedia reference translation here,referred to as the Cooper Institute.

Corpus Christi College although the scale is small,but its three exclusive domain of college in the United States,all have a place,the school of "free tuition" attracted a considerable number of outstanding students,but also because of intense competition,and become a "legend" college.Master of his past did not write out the reason is that although the school arts department,but no MFA degree (in 2001 when he and no other master's degree),but in recent years,also wrote find many good schools without MFA degree (such as Florida's Ringling).Think about,or write about is good.

2013.08.05 plus students in Q & A

no MFA ranking.

Cake bag,oh no,Corpus Christi College faculties are outlined below:

The Academy of Sciences Undergraduate add only 175 students per year are not many places for new students,the competition is fierce.The Department of Architecture degree is a five-year,the first four years of tuition (but nominally still has more than 30, 000 U.S. dollars,and then let you use the arrival of) recent Department of the college museum is a landmark in New York City by 2005 Pritzker Architecture Master Tang Mu Meier Thom Mayne spoke design,avant-garde style also uses environmentally friendly materials,to attract a lot of media coverage.

The School of Architecture was synonymous with a good,called America's AA.AA means he has the same position in the United Kingdom.

2008 began with M.ArchII School of Architecture degree,year received only eight freshmen majoring range from urban design,architectural technology available to architectural theory.

Cooper's art department is relatively arts-oriented,there are about 200 students,some little more than the Department of Architecture,provides only a four-year BFA degree,majoring in a wide range,from sculpture,painting,video art to ,photography,printmaking,and media arts,or graphic design,typeface design has.He and California Calarts with Otis also exchange programs.

Design category,the Cooper font graphic design and concept very seriously,he is also an early promoter of American graphic design development,one of the world's top three graphic designer Seymour • Qiewa Manchester (Seymour Chwast) is an alumnus of this department . In addition,the design of the "I ♥ NY" ‧ renowned designer Milton Glaser (Milton Glaser) are also alumnus chart celebrity.(Site description flies Ellen Lupton also alumni Oh!)

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