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Full Training Course in Graphic Design  August 29, 2013 – 00:01

graphic design course

The course aims to enable the student to work with the most modern resources in relation to the concepts and development Graphic Design Training for the labor market or entrepreneurial initiative.

Who is this course?

Anyone who is interested to take up and work with Graphic Design.

Even the more advanced features that we will see in the course are covered from the basics so that even a person without any knowledge in Graphic Design can learn efficiently all approach the course with mastery.

Our service and support make a difference and are a differentiator.

How much is this course? What forms of payment?

For students work with Brazil's UOL PAGSEGURO for students who live outside of Brazil worked with PAYPAL.

We accept all credit cards, EFT, Billet banking (payments for the view), HI PAID, Electronic Wallet (available balance of the account PAGSEGURO UOL).

The values ​​can be divided into up to 18 times depending on the card banner!

PROMOTION VIEW for U.S. $ 399.00 real full course.

The student can download the video lessons and study even disconnected from the internet.

The student can ask questions by email or phone.


Teacher: Andrew Rossiter

Formed in Internet Technology and Systems, after majoring in Communication and

(81) 9972-5221 TIM / (81) 8623-2002 HI


Detailed Course Syllabus:

Adobe Indesign CS5.5 and CS6

Adobe InDesign is a software developed by Adobe Systems for layout and organization of pages, created to replace the Adobe PageMaker, featuring a variety of enhancements, resulting in more productivity.

The program creates documents in proper format, editable, which can later be exported to PDF, Interactive, Web, or other formats.

InDesign lets you create, diagram, view and edit materials such as magazines, newspapers, advertisements, packaging etc..

From the Indesign CS5.5 version went to work with video and multimedia formats in general and we discuss these features and applications on our course.

Adobe Illustrator CS6

Adobe ® Illustrator ® is a software for creating and editing vector graphics family Adobe Creative Suite. The increasing integration between family programs allows you to produce vector graphics for use in print, video, web, and mobile devices.

Among the improvements brought by the CS6 version is tighter integration with other Adobe solutions, more security with PDF files, web optimization, real-time effects, more efficient interface, multiple artboards, new vector drawing tools and advanced perspective drawing improved.


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