A new story of balloons

 August 10, 2017 – 02:29 pm
In the previous article, the store Color - it, which sells goods for the holiday in bulk , told about the first mention of balloons. But the new history of the balls begins much later, namely since 1825. Thomas Hankock proposed to implement kits that included a bottle of liquid rubber and a syringe. From this set, the buyer could make his own ball. The authors of balloons are a professor from London Michael Faraday. It was he who made the ball of rubber. At the entrance of the experiment, which he conducted with such material as rubber, Faraday made two kind of cakes from a pair of pieces. To ensure that these pieces were not collected, flour was placed on their backside, and the edges that were not processed, simply connected with each other . From these cakes, something resembling a small bag in which you could experiment with gas. Get ready for the new year with us. Here you will find any New Year's products in bulk , caps, candles in bulk , canBuy balls wholesale and make them happy with their loved ones and so on.

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