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Contents: Or the name of "pop art", "new realism." It uses some of the most daring actions certainly something no artistic composition for the arts, but also directly from life starting into the art of living things. US-centric, paintings focus on the re-creation, for the performance of the times, without regard to traditional art eternal value. Is a product of extreme industrialization, commodity image as a wave of painting performance materials, selection of industrial products and politics, celebrities and other images of people as the theme, symbolizing American stereotyped, repeated again and again in real life.

Pop Art is prevalent between 1962 and 1965 in the international art nouveau, its purpose is to oppose since 1920, the German Bauhaus developed as the center of modernist design tradition. Ideological roots of this movement, in fact, from the American popular culture comes from. Then British popular culture from the United States to be inspired, these effects include Hollywood movies, rock and roll, consumer culture and so on. And "Pop Art" is the term in 1954 in London by young British art critic Lawrence Alloway (Lawrence ‧ A Luowei) proposed. Alloway mentioned Pop Art, means of advertising in magazines, posters and a large cinema outside posters, and then people give it a very different meaning. Pop Art first appeared in 1961 in the United Kingdom; 1962 reached the United States. It quickly spread to the United States developed and officially become an art movement.

British Pop Art
In 1952, the advent of Pop Art in London. A small group Art Institute of Contemporary Arts was established; groups there Hamilton (Richard Hamilton), Paaoluoji (Edorado Paolozzi), and "pop" the inventor of the term (Lawrence Alloway). Its purpose is to make the arts closer to ordinary people. In 1961, the Royal College of Art in London there is another group, believe A Luowei ideas. The group and the Americans are different, they are using public image, very focused techniques, including the use of painting techniques. British "pop" design is more focused on fashion design, furniture design, interior design, graphic design aspects. Among Fashion design is the most prominent. Fashion design is the British "pop" design first appeared sport.

American Pop Art Pop art developed rapidly, the formation of a formal art movement spread to the United States in its post. The pop art is how it spread to the United States? Saying in 1962, the A Luowei was hired American Museum of Ancient Kim in charge, when he went to New York and saw several young American painters, such as Luosen Bo and Jones, the two men's works are from the New York abstract expressionism to come out, put on the screen see everyday objects, then A Luowei call these works is the U.S. "pop."

Pop Art in New York developed rapidly from 1961 to 1962 because, it was the U.S. economic downturn, directly affect the painting market, the New York school of painting, prices generally fall. In addition, the general requirements of customers something new, New York School of painting naturally lose the support of the general public.

Definition of Pop Art
July 1, 1957, Hamilton wrote the definition of Pop Art: Popular (Popular) Objective To Mass moment (short title) can be extended (easy to forget) mass production of (cheap) young astute , nature, deceivers, commercial


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