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Working with the Mexican government Design  August 29, 2013 – 00:00
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Now I was reading a note from Design Observer: Logogate in Connecticut, or, The Rodneydangerfieldization of Graphic Design: Part II Talking about how expensive ($ 10, 000.00) that charged the government of a city by a logo, which resulted in a style Abstract and nobody was happy. I remembered my experiences with design tender in which I participated for the government.

In one of them asked me quotes everything from a website up pens and calendars. I of course wanted to yesterday, I sent all budgets the next day, I received calls every 20 minutes to clear everything. Later I received no call for a week, thought they were choosing budgets.
At last came a call, I was told I was the one who had won the tender to design, the next step would be, according to them, send them each design proposals they asked me, I asked the 50% advance and was told that was not possible, that he had to pay all the finishing work.
I replied that I could not start working all this project if I did not see the preview, I was told that was not possible.

We leave it up there and I did not hear anything, it turned out that a colleague worked for them, but everything I asked but few print projects, the design for a year and half still owe money. They have not paid for it as there Pemex budget until 2005, imagine if they had worked everything I asked, would be waiting to pay and had to have worked for weeks.

On another occasion I sent (silly me) a proposal for a site for another parastatal, I never answered when I contacted a person there told me that it had not made the site, which was only an intranet and the design was a hodgepodge of proposals we send the (again foolishly) designers. I realized thanks to the person who invited me to see what was left.

Contratatando there came the head of systems that place and adding PHP and MySQL made a good proposal intranet, just missing the side "creative" so it made it easy to re-take what we had ordered and ready and have their project without spend anything on the design.

Finally in terms of the training was hired to give me a refresher in Editorial Design and Web to another parastatal, go Saturday at their facilities, everything was perfect, I sent the curriculum, as would be the practical exercises etc..
When talking to the accounting department, it turned out that a person asked me bills, I said receipts was only because training fees handled it well. I replied that it was possible, if not give him could not give training bills.
I said I did not understand why they had to be as bureaucratic red tape, got angry and told me that there are many companies that would be willing to train their staff for lower price than I had budgeted.
Well-training to give them those other companies,
I answered.

After a while I received a call from the designer who first contacted me, I said that those who were cousins ​​hired accountant and said I was just looking for the way to get opponents so they were discounting their families.


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