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Training and courses in graphic design in Montreal  August 29, 2013 – 00:00
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Training in Graphic Design
Courses in graphics, computer graphics and Web


The Graphic Design program combines three main areas of intervention of graphic communication: graphic design, graphic design and web.

Through this program, you will receive a full and rigorous training that will focus on both the design of graphic projects on their stages of production. In addition to further your knowledge in the areas of web and multimedia, you will learn to master a wide range of techniques and media. By becoming a creative and independent graphic designer, you can do so easily as more traditional projects your customers (eg logo, stationery, brochures, posters, etc..) That those who make use of new technologies.

Who is it aimed at?

The Graphic Design program is intended for all those who want to become a graphic designer and exercise creative job in the world of communication.

How long is the training?

Training Graphic Designer has a total of 1260 hours of courses divided into four sessions of 15 weeks each, which can be monitored continuously or with a break during the summer.

What are the eligibility criteria?

No specific conditions are required to register for the Graphic Design program. You must meet the general criteria for eligibility and pass the aptitude test. For more information on registration procedures, please see our Admission .

What degree is awarded at the end of the formation of Graphic Design?

  • Penalty: Attestation of Collegial Studies (AEC) / NTA.0F - designer graphic designer
  • Number of units: 42
  • Hours: 1260 hours of courses

When can I make my application?

The College accepts applications for admission throughout the year.

When does the training?

You can start the program Graphic Design in September, January and May of each year.

What are the training blocks?

During your journey, you will cover the following blocks of training:

  • graphics
  • creativity techniques
  • typography
  • illustration
  • rendering techniques
  • computer graphics
  • technical production
  • the blitz
  • professional practice
  • web design
  • Web production.

List of skills

Under this program you'll learn:

  • Analyze the work function.
  • Manage a project
  • Communicate with project partners.
  • Advise the client in relation to the direction of a project.
  • Research and analyze information.
  • Provide creative visual solutions.
  • Exploit the great artistic and graphic trends.
  • Translate ideas into sketches.
  • Create and manufacture a connecting picture.
  • A project of visual identification.
  • Making a commercial project.
  • A project editing.
  • A project in 3D.
  • Optimize the readability of typography.
  • Develop typographical concepts.
  • Evaluate constraints to broadcasting.
  • Produce simple sketches computer.
  • Process scanned images.
  • Make layouts computer.
  • Managing an IT environment.
  • Planning a project using the computer.
  • Explore multimedia software.


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