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Since the summer of 2011, a diverse group of people born between the mid-sixties and the end of the seventies, ushered in a series of meetings and workshop to develop some projects of Milan.

They are the protagonists of the Milan scene in different sectors, often emerging from years of experience abroad, who conceived the idea of "nursery", meeting platform-comparison of projects that can make

Milan an international player.



  • Andrea Zoppolato, founder and CEO of Ubivis Srl, a company that manages the international marketing platform neo. He studied Economics (Bocconi) and Psychology (University of St. Petersburg). In 2010 he returned to Italy after 7 years of living abroad.
  • Tomaso Pisapia, criminal lawyer, blogger, native analog but digital evolution, a partner of the law firm Pisapia and Associates, working with Ahref Foundation.
  • Alessandro Fracassi, entrepreneur. He founded and today still driving MutuiOnline Group, landed on the stock exchange in 2007. He lived in Italy and the USA. And 'member of the Advisory Board of the MIT Sloan School of Management and has over the years supported the creation of several start-ups.
  • Babette Riefenstahl, Riefenstahl-study Brizzi, operates in the areas of interior design, the outfit, design and furniture for 15 years.
  • Duilio Forte, Swedish-born artist Italo, promotes the excitement of space through sculpture and architectural dimension that privilege.


  • Daniela Cattaneo, owner of h +, a company that deals with cultural marketing through the design and production of projects for companies and institutions.
  • Martina Mazzotta he studied philosophy and history of art in Milan, Berlin and Monaco of Bavaria. He worked at the Royal Academy in London and wrote essays on aesthetics and history of art, taking courses at the universities of Bologna and Milan. Since 2002, manages the activities of the Fondazione Antonio Mazzotta
  • Lorenzo is Butti art director and graphic designer in various commercial sectors, arts and culture. Responsible for graphics Expop 2012
  • Francesco Bergonzi. Architect and designer, is a lecturer at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano. Founder of studiomumble ( ). Since 2008 he is responsible for District Development Agency Rome to Piacenza.
  • Chiara Zocchi, writer and musician, he has published two novels for Garzanti, one of which is very successful and is translated into 9 languages.
  • Umberto Malesci, an entrepreneur in the field of technology, lives in Milan, Boston and Chicago and 30 years old. Masters at MIT in Boston, founded in 2005 Umberto Fluidmesh Networks, the leader in the field of wireless transmitters for security applications.
  • Tamara Ferioli is an artist. Its production is articulated through sculpture, installation, drawing, applications on canvas. After studying at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Lyon, is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions.
  • Michela Kim, South Korean entrepreneur working in the field of cultural exchange between Asia and the West. And 'LWomans editor of Korea and Korea-founder of Italian Art and Culture Association (CIAC) which embraces artists, from fashion to arts cinema.


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I want to start an online discussion about working environments as a broadcast designer. I'm interested to hear what other working conditions, responsibilities, and overall attitude is like at other companies other than the one I work for.
I work for a small boutique company in Hollywood, of about 18 employees. Generally everyone is fairly happy with there job (the somewhat creative freedom, and lack of politics), accept the economy has kept any of us from getting raises in the last 4 years.
We do mostly network branding, sports packages, and some interface design. Here is how are process works

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People underestimate the importance of understanding the fundamentals of good design. Graphic Designers have had it rough with everything going digital because now everyone thinks they can slap together something requiring graphic design. The problem is they don't understand basic designing or color interaction or scale or any of the stuff that goes into good design. The more you know about that, the better. The buzz now is "branding". You should familiarize yourself with the concepts of branding because what that is presenting a unified identity for a client in logo, web, direct mail, everything related to the company image

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